The Contact me…

A friend made me realize I had no way of letting anyone contact me through the site, I was like “Are you sure?” and he was right, so I got a quick contact form in place.

If there’s anything you like to let me know just go ahead and send me some lines ­čśë

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So it’s Finally here….

I finally got some time to finish up the new theme, I must admit it’s kinda hard┬ábeing┬áa Web Designer and Developer and having to build your own site. You want everything you can┬ápossibly think of ┬áin it, you want to show off your skills but at the end we never got time for our own projects + doing things that make people go WOW is like trying to put all kinda little gadgets in a┬áCadillac.

Anyhow, it’s here and it looks good… there might be a couple of kinks here and there but until I get to see them I won’t be able to take care of them :p

For now it’s ready.

Now the portfolio is under mayor maintenance, please bare with me for a day or two while I put it back online.

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So here I am some moths after still not having finished the re-design and still changing things from the mock-up…

Well here’s the new one and soon this site should look like this, new business cards on the way that match the mock-up so this is it!!

The long due.. Re-Design..

Ok, so I know I am quite late with the ┬á2011 Re-Design of my blog. I’ve been dedicating most of the time to other projects but I’ve done it (at least the comp is somewhat ready) here’s a pic.

The cool thing abut this re-design is that I’ve got ambitious plans for it:

1) As an excuse to get my iPad it will be build 100% on the iPad.
2) Pure HTML5 and CSS3 awesomeness.
4) Modern 2011 app like look yeahh I know you like it :p

Since the iPad arrived  today I shall soon start to work on it.

Midterm Topics in Motion Graphics.

So, this is it.. my first After Effects complete project.
For midterm in my Topics in Motion Graphics class I decided to work on a video that could tell what most Venezuelan know though the government keeps saying it ain’t true…

I’m guessing I’ll get a lot of dirt from the paid pro Chavez dudes, and friends I know but the hell with it is not like you guy’s don’t know about it.

So, again this is my first After Effects projects don’t be hating I know there’s a lot to improve..

P.S: I decided to finish with Onechot’s Rotten Town video it fit’s well into the story I am trying to tell and it’s lyrics are in English which helps me get to the target audience (my class), and for those of you visiting the blog and haven’t seen the video I highly recommended.

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