Remove a section from WordPress Theme Customizer

So while doing some work today, while implementing the new WordPress Theme Customizer I came upon having to remove one of it’s defaults options more specifically the Title and Tagline panel.

And after some digging came across the correct code to do so in a comment at:

Though this code of course will only work if you put in on a function that will trigger it, so I decided to put a complete example unlike the comment where I found it for those of you that just know how to copy and paste into functions.php

function myown_customize_register($wp_customize)
  // I actually registered a bunch of settings and controls before running the line below, so if you want to register some controls you can put them here.

  //Finally lets remove the Title and Tagline from theme customizer since doesn't use it.
  $wp_customize->remove_section( 'title_tagline');
add_action( 'customize_register', 'myown_customize_register' );

Credits for the remove section comment goes to Kattagami – Gilles Vauvarin.

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